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3/8/14, WFHG radio, Barbara McFaddin Show,  Bristol, VA

2/20/14, KPCW radio, Cool Science Radio Show, Park City/ Salt Lake City, UT

2/7/14, KJFF radio, Stu McMillan Show, Festus, MO

2/5/14, WKBN radio, Mike Romigh Show, Youngstown, OH.

2/4/14, WHAS radio, Suzanne Duvall show,  Louisville, Ky.

2/3/14  WVBG radio, News with Jay Kilroy and David Boolos, Vicksburg, MS

1/29/14 , KBYR radio, Glen Biegel Show,  Anchorage, AK



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You are not what you think you are. The Microcosm Within is the first book that is based on the concept of the hologenome that sees every living complex organism as a vast cooperative network of united cellular and microbial ecologies.

From this new vantage point, a whole new evolutionary framework is required that eclipses an outmoded and simplistic Darwinian narrative. It is a revolution in evolution.